Portrait of Senior Woman

Sessions with children and dog 🐶 

Dawn is a passionate, caring, skilled Reiki practitioner. She has conducted countless sessions with my children and dog which has contributed greatly to their overall physical and mental health and well-being. My son has Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that means he can not speak or eat by mouth. He is also prone to many illnesses and when he gets ill, it is usually severe. Dawn's healing energy and hands-on reiki sessions have helped him so much. It calms him and I believe helps him to breathe easier and feel better. I also have twin girls that love to receive reiki and one even tries to give it herself :). Reiki is such a deeply personal and meaningful practice and you need someone that you can truly trust during the sessions. Dawn is the most trustworthy and caring person I know. She is highly intune to the needs and feelings of others and her goal is to always make others feel safe, calm, and happy. I can't recommend Dawn enough. Whether it be hands-on in person, or distance reiki, Dawn is a master at filling you with positive energy and the calm that comes with deep healing.